Neabot NoMo N2

Self-Emptying 3 in 1 Robot Vacuum

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Featured Self-emptying Dustbin

Never need to touch dirt again. Neabot N2 features a charging base with a 2.8L

self-emptying dustbin with disposal bag



Self Emptying Robot Vacuum

When the robot finishes the cleaning, it will

back to charging base, and the dust box will

be automatically cleaned up with the help of

the high-power dust collection function.


Oversize Dust Bag -

Hold 30 Days of Trash

Just throw away the dust bag when it's full.

The oversize dust bag can hold up to 30

days of trash. No need to manually clean

the dust box again!

The Most Advanced

Amazing Obstacle Avoidance Capability

Cleaning Efficiency 89% High


AI Intelligent Obstacle


Neabot N2 features the most advanced

LDS8.0 LiDAR on the market, which means stronger obstacle avoidance capability,

higher cleaning efficiency and better route planing.


Anti-drop Cliff Sensors

Prevents Neabot N2 from dropping off the

stairs, which also protects the safety of your

family members.


Advanced Wall Sensors

Allow distance to wall while operating is as

close as 1cm. The closer it is, the more

thorough robot vacuums can clean your

house. No wonder the cleaning efficiency

of N2 is 89% high!


Sweep, Vacuum & Mop 3 in 1


250ml Electric Water Tank

with Multi-level Precision

Water Control

Equipped with a 300ml dust box and a

250ml water tank, it can sweep, vacuum,

& mop at the same time. Neabot’s

built-in electric mopping system allows

it to monitor and control the water level

according to the dryness and wetness

of the floor.


2700Pa Ultra Strong Suction

Power + 3 Suction Levels

With the 2700Pa super-strong suction power 

and 3 suction levels, Neabot N2 can easily 

pick up dirt, pet hair and even invisible fine 

dust hidden deep in the floor, giving you a 

thoroughly cleaned home.


Carpet Auto Boost

Everyone knows carpet is more difficult to

clean thoroughly than the other hard

floors. Neabot's carpet auto boost feature

allows N2 to automatically boost suction

power when it steps on carpet, thus

making carpet cleaning effortless too.


LED Display Screen

There is a LED display screen on the

surface of dust collection base. If the

dust bag is full, the display will light

up to indicate replace the bag. When

dust is being collected or the robot is

being charged, you also can see the

status through screen, which are clear

at a glance, simple, intuitive


Neabot Smart APP


Smart Home Compatible

Use your voice for hands-free control with Google Assistant or Alexa.